Our experience with Limu Plus

by Susan Perkins
(Laurel, MS)

We read your website and ordered one bottle of Limu.

After a few days, my husband noticed a difference. He was diagnosed with RA about 7 yrs ago. He now has knuckles that you can actually see each one, it used to be one long knuckle.

The pain and swelling in his hands are mostly gone and he is able to work with his hands more and more. He is also sleeping better at night and as he puts it, is "feeling 20 years younger".

I also started taking it and my knees, shoulder and neck are doing much better.

My husband and I truly believe this is wonderful.

We discussed this with one of his doctors and she was going to get on the website and order some also. Thank you so much for your help.

Susan and WF Perkins

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