My loving husband. My best friend all wrapped up into one.

by Julie

Try to talk to each He is hurting just as much as I am . But he's is I just want to take the pain and saddnes away and he can't ... I think it hurts us to see them standing there how can I help her but, not to make her think she is worthless . There is a lot of holding and crying on my end right now. I knew I had something wrong but the doc didn't know he is a caring doc . But found out for sure on paper Black & White. My book is getting thick I keep everything in a binder there is no oh I loss it...... Today I've been in bed chilling.

Went to eat with my family oh fun . I know most of them think I tried to kill myself. But no I had enough pills if I wanted just I took one than one more and I hurt like hell and thought one more go to bed. I guess to many now my husband does my pills now. Going to pain clinic with two great doctors behind me too . I should go for now great place I will be back . I go by juliebynight.

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