Living with RA for 11year....

by Karina
(New Jersey )

Today is one of those bad days... I’m in soo much pain.. Can’t type, cant breathe, can’t walk and on and on.. And I’m so depressed.. But I manage to get up and keep going for my 5 and 13 year old girls they are the reason to continue with my life.. I just wish that i can do more for them. its been 11 year with R.A I had try everything and anything and nothing seems to work... As I read this page and the comments all I deed was cry and cry because is like reading my story.. I’m really sorry for every one that has to go through this .... And thank you for your testament they really help me cope with the way I been felling.. It seems to me that neither my family or anyone really know how I feel the pain and emotionally expect my girls they always try to make me feel better and help with the house.... As last choice I’m going to try Limu Plus and hope and pray that helps me some how... i will keep you posted...

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Apr 05, 2011
I'm here for you if I can help in any way.
by: Susan

Hi Karina, I'm sorry for all the pain you are suffering. I know how difficult it is to face each day with such pain but please keep on trying to beat this disease.

The Limu Plus was a life saver for me and I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.

I'm here to help you in anyway I can. Please feel free to email me anytime, whether it's to help answer questions, or to vent.

Sometimes it helps to talk to someone who has been in your shoes and I believe I have.

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