Its like i lost my FREEDOM.....


I am 38 and have had ra for 3 years, but had it much longer just never put two and two together, worked through the pain.

My ankles and feet are the worst feet hurt sinice I was 22 but was wearing steel toed boots and always on my feet....I've been dealing with the pain for many years, its almost normal for me...then one day I woke up and was stiff all over, felt like I was hit with soap in a sock.

It's like I lost my freedom...cant do nothing without being tired after 10 mins...

I hate RA....its the worst thing knowing u cant work, play,walk, etc....with out feeling like you played 4 quarters of football with no pads.

I have been on the common meds...nothing really working...meth-o..worked the most but my liver was starting to much for that....tried sick as a three treatments...1st good..2nd more..dizzy,puking,list goes on.

Mad that i got the short straw and getting this crap.

Went from pulling $3300. in a month to $1250. on disability( which I had got in one try..all the stories on going to court and fighting to get it. I luck out in this case) and sitting at home being board,and feeling like "WHY ME" ? ...


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Aug 24, 2012
Really?! Why?!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I SOOOOOO Share your pain!!! Diagnosed about 10years ago now, my youngest was 3years old. And upto 2y ago I did all the standard treatments, meds, acupuncture, chiropractor, pt, exercise, yoga,diet changes, herbal treatments and the list continues on and on...

Well, I decided 2 years ago, enough was enough! I needed to suck it up and be a big girl! I stopped all my drugs, and increased my exercise plan and yup! the pain increased day by day-I would tell myself to use the pain, get through it, move on! Okay, stupid stupid stupid!!!!

Here I am struggling with typing, now using a cane!!! and awaiting my insurance approval for my drugs to help with the pain and disability! I have now got so many different issues that I don't know where to start!

I hate this disease!

I hate that I have to live this way! I hate what it has done to me! But, I have learned the hard way-You CAN NOT try to ignore it, work it away, or will it away!

I am now 46 years young and refuse to let this stuff beat me! I will take the drugs and continue the exercise as I can, I will suck it up and pray daily for the lords help and I will now have to just "deal" with it !!!

People that do not know what this disease is or does, just can't possibly know the struggles we all share!

My body is now attacking not only my joints, Neck, Spine, fingers, hips, knees, ankles toes, and brain! it has now decided to destroy my thyroid! I go through life trying to not look sick! I struggle everyday to conceal how bad I feel and I am more angry than anything else!

I try hard to use the anger and the pain to get me through, it doesnt always work, unfortunately for me I believe I will live the rest of my life suffering with this pain and see little hope of it ever letting up enough to forget it!

I try to remember to be thankful for all I do have in my life, My WONDERFUL HUSBAND, who has become my caretaker(this kills me!), My WONDERFUL CHILDREN, who love me and support me in so many ways(again, this kills me-they have been cheated by so much of my disease!) and the love and support of my family and friends. con't

Apr 11, 2012
RA wishing a change will come
by: Anonymous

I fell your pain. I am 35, and had a sudden onset of Ra 2yrs ago with a 2yr old son added to it. It has been so hard. My life taken away just like that. I should be in the prime of my life right now. I had to stop a good paying job and go on disability too. Even though I've been gong through aggressive treatment the disease continues to progress. I also have 3 places with nerve damage in my back that goes into my left leg and arm, chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, and know diabetes. What else can go wrong in this so called life of mine. Just know your not alone. I guess we have to live day by day.

Jun 25, 2011
Get your life back...
by: Anonymous

Arthritis does not discriminate age? Soo painful emotionally and physically. Your never too young to get arthritis, my best friend at 9 years old had arthritis back in 1993.. Noone believed her because she was a sweet little girl who loved to ice skate and rarly let people see her pain. I know she uses a spray called Privic its for people who have ?restless legs? but she swears by this stuff. If it helps her I can only hope it helps more people.
Best Regards.

Jun 04, 2011
I can Relate to your story!!
by: lizziebell60

You do not ask for RA and you did luck up if you did not have to fight for your Disability! I did have to fight for mine and hire an attorney, you are right it is hard enough with the financial drop and the pain to go along with it, then top it off no one thinks you are sick! Like no I like living at a 3rd of my pay scale. Some days I am bored to death, you have to deal with it a day at a time. get new hobbies. sometimes even new friends.

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