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by Carm

Hello. I read the following in your home remedies section and i was surprised that potatoes are used since it is a nightshade that in another part of your site states to stay away from. Does something change when the potato is soaked in water and then drinking that water?

Raw potato juice therapy has been used in folk medicine for centuries. To prepare cut the potato into thin slices, without peeling the skin. Place slices into a large glass filled with cold water and allow to sit overnight. Drink the potato water each morning on an empty stomach.

Thank you
Carmen Domer

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Aug 16, 2013
Night Shades
by: Susan

One has to understand night shade vegetables. The night shade vegetables are grown on plants that naturally have a chemical that protects the plant from insects.

When the vegetable is harvested "green" this chemical is in the produce, however if the vegetable is left to ripen before harvest nature takes care of the toxins and suddenly this produce is generally safe. In other words, the sun destroys the toxins as it ripens the produce.

Night shades are one thing to watch out for, but that just means you should test and see how you react.

Keep in mind that if you eat potatoes you want to avoid any potato that has green on it. Same with peppers, avoid green peppers, and tomatoes.

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