Foods that help with RA

by Claudette Paul
(Sunrise, Florida)

I was diagnosed 25 years ago, I am now 49, my symptoms have improved a lot. I take omega 3 suppliment, glucosamine and condroitin with MSM by Osteo Biflex, every day I make a smoothie with different fruits, pineapple, blue berries, strawberries, bananas, papaya, cantalope, grapes, carrots whatever I feel like.

I believe eating the right foods help. Wild caught salmon is one of my favourite foods, spinach, beans. Colon cleanse occasionally. Drink lots of water, this lubricates the joints. When I flare up I use very hot compress followed by a rub like bengay. Less stress is better, exercise suited for RA patients.

Hope this helps someone.

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Dec 15, 2015
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drinking kangen water can help tremendously!
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Kangen water assists with arthritis!!!!
When your body accumulates an excessive amount of acid, you are at risk for arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. If you already suffer from one of these diseases, high acidity will intensify your inflammation, soft tissue degeneration and bone loss.
A highly acidic pH prevents the body from functioning properly. The presence of acid waste makes it increasingly difficult for cells to absorb the fuel they need. Vital body systems like the immune system start to malfunction. The result is increased inflammation and soft tissue degeneration. Acids are also solidified and deposited throughout the body, leading to bone loss.
The longer you wait to reduce your body’s acidity, the longer you remain at risk for arthritis and related illnesses.

If you have Arthritis, your body pH level is already too acidic and the quickest way to rid your body of acid is to drink Kangen water with a PH of 8.5 to 9.5.
Fortunately, a significant reduction in your body’s acid level can lead to regeneration of healthy cells and tissue. A diet that’s more alkaline and drinking Alkalinized Kangen water can help you reverse the damage caused by acidity and arthritis.
The right combination of alkaline water and fresh vegetable juices, for example, can help your body break down and destroy excessive acid waste. To prevent acid from accumulating further, you should eliminate sugar and refined carbohydrates from your diet. Vitamin and mineral supplements specially formulated to balance pH are an important part of your strategy as well.
If you start to balance your pH level by drinking Kangen Water and easy-to-learn diet and lifestyle changes, you will reduce your vulnerability to arthritis and other autoimmune diseases. You can look forward to greatly improved health.

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