feeling dead life

by opa

Hai,i am very much satisfied of seeing your details

So here my story comes
My mom suffres from RA when i was 7 year old.First off all we had ayurvedic treatment and steroid but it failed to function.
At last we followed Allopathy treatment which lttle bit cured the disease.But still my mom is not feeling good every day feeling atkeast tiny pain in any joint of her body.
she could not walk fast or normal,not cook,not go anywhere simply sitting and pasing the days.
I think you have understand my feelings.
Please guide me int this regard

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Oct 21, 2015
by: Musa

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Oct 04, 2015
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by: Armanit

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Feb 01, 2011
Allopathic Physician recommended what treatment?
by: Susan

Hi Opa, In the beginning you tell that your mom tried steroids with little benefit however you don't say what the allopathic doctor recommended.

I wonder if your mom has ever considered modifying for diet, elliminating such things as Gluten, Dairy Products, commercially grown meat, sugar, processed foods.

As well, has your mom taken any supplements?

Had her vitamin D levels checked?

YOu say that your mom can do little, unfortunately we must exercise if we hope to beat this disease. For some the only way they can hope to exercise is in a pool where there is no stress on the joints. If that's what it takes, then that's what needs to be done.

USE IT OR LOSE IT, that saying is so true.

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