Family just don't understand

by Julie

Ive had this for three years I know. They just did blood tests. Than seen r a doctor about week and half and said I have it. I went through this bs for three years. Know one understand I'm sick look fine. I cant drive that long. I had back surgyer in jan 2012 six srews now this you just feel made it no better.

My family don't understands. We went camping but I came back had a flare . When left they wanted me to stay around camp. They just don't understand the pain. I can't even play with my grandkids. Is there a book for family to read.
I feel with less cant do anything. Last month the pain was so bad a one pill the hurting didn't stop took two more. My daughter son and husband took me to ER they said I tried to end my life if I wanted to I could had three fourth left. Now treaded like a kid now. Life is hell. Beback to write later.

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