Could I have RA? I Am 48 and a few weeks ago the inside of my elbows started hurting .

by JR

Then my shoulders, same type aching burning inflammation pain.

Two days ago I was awaken by sAme type pain in my knees and
Weirdly my ankles. Once a few years ago a blood test for thyroid
Showed I had an issue so they asked me to retake and it came
Back ok. The pain is horrid and not going away should I invest the
Money for the testing or hope it goes away? I Also have trigeminal
Neuralgia in one side of my jaw. Wonder if it could really be RA?
Any response welcome

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Apr 04, 2012
You could, but then again, you could not!
by: Anonymous

If you have had a thyroid abnormality you would be well advised to have this situation rechecked. I have hypothyroid and RA and the symptoms are nearly identical! When my thyroid is poorly managed I have widespread pain...and in particular two dime sized "hot spots" on my elbows. When my thyroid is better managed several areas recover and many pains go away. It is only then that my RA pain becomes distinguishable from the pain of hypothyroid. Since the medications for RA aren't anything you want to start without first being sure you have RA...I would start by revisiting the issue of thyroid. Good luck.

Mar 08, 2011
Get to Dr. Post Haste
by: Anonymous

I have had RA for 14 years. Please go to an Experienced Rheumatologist ASAP. I am sero-negative, so the usual blood tests made it really hard to diagnose. I had "acute onset" and eventhough I had many symptoms (like you) and a very high fever, I couldn't get anyone to diagnose me. Two doctors I went to told me nothing was wrong with me and to calm down!
That is why it is SO important for you to go to a doctor with a really good reputation and a lot of experience with inflammation diseases.

Feb 21, 2011
See DR.
by: Ang

I am 48 and have had RA for 10 years already. Mine also cam on very suddenly and has not slowed down since. The key is to get an early diagnosis so you should definately see your doc.

Feb 01, 2011
by: ms boyd

Hi Ive had it for 20 years. The best thing yu can do for yourself is get a lot of rest and drink lots of milk. Ive tried lots of medicatios and today find bayer i\aspirin is the only thing that helps. its not worth it to take the other kinds of med's. Today, my wholw bone structure is affected. god it is not fun. have to pray and rest a lot.

Feb 01, 2011
I'm not a physician
by: Susan

It's very difficult to say what these pains are but based on the fact that you have a history with Trigeminal Neuralgia I would say you should seek medical advice to see if these new pains are related to the TN.

TN has various causes, were you ever told the cause of your case of TN. Are you on medication that could be giving you side affects as you discribed?

I would say, for now, the best thing you could do is write down all of your symptoms and take this with you when you visit the doctor. It's very easy to forget some things at a visit, but if it is all written down you will have a better chance of relaying to the doctor exactly what is going on. Don't be afraid to hand your notes to the doctor, he/she would likely appreciate that.

Perhaps some of my readers will see this and have more experience to share with you.

Good luck, and do let us know how you are doing.

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