What I learned at the Take
Control of Your Health Seminar

On the October 15th weekend I flew off to Chicago to attend the Take Control of Your Health Seminar put on by Dr. Mercola.

It was an amazing experience and packed full of information.

My intention was to continue learning all I could for myself and those that frequent my website on the most up to date methods to improve our health and not be dependent on the toxic meds we are told are necessary when living with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Dr. Mercola’s clinic has been very successful in treating RA and other auto immune challenges when people are ready to take the steps necessary to help the body heal.

I have been reading Dr Mercola’s health newsletters for over 3 years now and highly recommend these as an excellent free resource for information on maintaining one’s health.

Taking Control of Your Health is not about finding a magic pill, it is about learning what it takes to maintain health throughout our lives. This system addresses the mind, body and spirit which I believe is necessary in healing, in fact they begin with the mind and healing issues from ones past.

I'm excited to share with my readers all the things we reviewed over the weekend. Below is a brief summary (well, it’s long, but brief compared to a jam packed weekend of information).

It started off discussing the 3 lab tests that are most often missed in treating RA. Testing vitamin D levels, Fasting Insulin levels and Ferratin Level and how these tests aid in treating auto immune challenges.

We then discussed the importance of energy flowing freely, understanding that everything is energy. With this thought then all our thoughts are energy and create health or absence of health in our body.

Vibrational flow must flow through you throughout the day.

90 - 95% of health challenges are caused by emotion.

Suppressed emotion leads to disfunction in a body part.

The Foundation of Health - Energy

This led to speaking about how we feel various emotions throughout the day, and. that this is good... when the emotion goes through you and is not held onto. Meaning, if a person makes you angry or sad this feeling is valid, however. do you hold onto this feeling for a long period of time, or can you release this feeling quickly and move on to other experiences....(say 2 minutes) Beyond 2 minutes then this becomes your story.

This is the same for the joyous feelings......they must flow through us leaving the energy flowing throughout the day.

With this in mind, Dr. Mercola's Clinic begins treatment with MTT (Meridian Tapping Techniques), similar to EFT (emotional freedom Techniques) You can get free information on this by googling EFT or MTT.

This is very important for building a foundation to health. Without the energy healing the other steps, improving ones diet, better sleeping habits may not give you the results you desire.

Here was the most profound statement, one I believe 100%.

Healing is not a passive, feel good spa treatment, or taking a magic pill. It is, at times a gut wrenching, life altering exposed experience to be done.

We must acknowledge that OUR CHOICES determine our levels of health.

We have 100% responsibility for our health.

We must learn or expand on our level of knowledge to address our health challenge.

Then, make new choices based on our new found knowledge. And make these choices long term.

The reason for MTT first is because without healing the emotions we will always sabotage our healing.

We then discussed the Adrenal Gland.

At the clinic they have found that all disease begins with trauma. Death, end of a relationship, childbirth (usually after the 2nd or 3rd child), over work and financial issues being the leading causes of stress that exhaust the adrenal gland with the first 2 being the most challenging.

We were asked to think back to when our health challenge first appeared and find the emotional trauma, then we tapped on this. ( I would recommend everyone get some help with this step as it is so important and once you understand tapping it is so easily done on a regular basis). You can learn the basics of tapping by googling EFT or MTT.

We went into detail about what happens when the adrenal gland is being over stressed, the changes that occur in our body.

Basically Stress causes Digestive problems, an over production of cortisol in the body that then affects our hormones, our detox system becomes overwhelmed and disease sets in.

We also discussed sleep and the importance of sleep during specific hours........between the hours of 10pm and sunrise (8 hours) and that every hour after 10pm that we go to sleep has a profound challenge to our overall health and the production of excess cortisol in the body.

Signs of excess cortisol are

Causes fat accumulation around the mid section.
Increases sugar cravings.
Causes anxiety
Difficulty sleeping
Depressed mood causes up and downs
Weakens the immune system
Leads to poor concentration/poor memory

Sleep - From 10pm - 2am Physical repair takes place
Sleep - From 2 am - 6am Psychic regeneration occurs

This was followed by damages caused to the body by sugar and gluten. How these both affect our health.

The clinic recommends everyone try a GLUTEN Free diet and nutritional typing, placing you in one of 3 diet types, protein, carb or mixed and you would have a diet plan set up for you. This is fairly inexpensive, I believe $29.95.

If your ancestors came from Europe or Northern Europe chances are you are gluten intolerant (this is not the same as being allergic).

Gluten intolerance is on the rise due to the diet we, as a society enjoy today, so filled with gluten filled foods that are also weak on nutritional value.

Pathogens or gluten intolerance are the 2 major things that cause leaky gut.

Basically leaky gut comes from damaging the Villi, leading to miniscule holes, allowing toxins to leak, affecting the blood and liver.

We then discussed yeast and parasites and the importance of testing for these.

It was stated, and I know everyone will take offence to this, but it was said.......The easiest thing in life to achieve is GOOD HEALTH. Your HEALTH is perfectly in balance with how you have lived to this point in your life!

We moved on and discussed how we crave the foods that create the health challenge........this is because things like gluten and sugar when eaten create a chain of reactions that cause the body to produce a MORPHINE like response........So, weaning yourself from these foods is difficult, but, worth the effort.

So, based on going gluten free, the safe grains would be rice, corn, millet, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth and Oats are usually tolerated.

Go gluten free for 60 days! The first 30 days is to rid the gliada molecule (which is the protein in Gluten that causes the damage) then another 30 days to reduce the inflammation that was caused by the gluten.

After 60 days you can test by having a small amount of gluten.......some people will be ok with small amounts but most should remain gluten free for a year. After 1 year your entire gut is rebuilt and you might tolerate small amounts of gluten at this time.

Recommended reading Dangerous Grains.........Health Hormones and Understanding Gluten Intollerance.

We discussed the importance of drinking water.

We discussed the damage a microwave does to food.

The importance of Vitamin D and having your vitamin D levels tested to ensure they are at a healthy level.

We discussed supplements that are good, some that are bad. It was a jam packed weekend of information, one that I came away from with more knowledge and many changes.

In conclusion, below is a list of the Major Keys to Health

Energy flowing freely

Correct Breathing

Water we drink - (preferably filtered, not bottled water using reverse osmosis if possible, or filtered water with a small amount of Hymalian salt, leave sitting in a glass jar in the sun for a few hours.

Food we eat or avoid.

Sleep – approximately 8 hours quality sleep during the right time of night.

Movement – Our bodies we designed to move.

Exposure to the Sun – Essential to receive the necessary vitamin D to maintain a health immune system.

Remember that vibrational flow must flow through your body throughout the day and that 90 – 95% of health challenge is caused by emotional stress.

I would recommend everyone read Take Control of Your Health to get complete understanding of things written here.

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