Refined Sugar
(White sugar, brown sugar, confectioners sugar, corn syrup, processed corn fructose, turbinado sugar, etc) - AVOID

Refined sugar depresses the immune system by decreasing the ability of the white blood cells to fight infection. Refined Sugar also causes depression by interfering with hormone levels and mood receptors in the brain. Sugar creates artificial highs in energy which result in a rapid decline soon after, this effect leaves the body feeling an almost constant state of fatigue.

High consumption of sugar leads to an overly acidic body. This in turn will cause the body to strip nutrients from its reserves to counterbalance this effect. This can eventually cause the body to take calcium from the bones and teeth since calcium is the primary mineral used to neutralize high acid in the cells. Osteoporosis and arthritic conditions can result from this continued process

It’s important to note that sugar is a highly addictive substance, the addiction often being compared to that of heroine.

Eliminating refined sugar from ones diet at first may cause discomfort as your body fights this addiction, however this discomfort is short lived, leaving a person feeling significantly more energized and focused.

Natural Sugar Substitutes (Good sugar substitutes)

As with everything, used in moderation, the following sugar substitutes, all qualify as healthy alternatives over using refined sugar or chemical sweeteners.


Stevia is a natural herb that is hundreds of times sweeter than regular sugar. Stevia is a good sweetener for drinks. It contains no fat, carbohydrates or calories and is suitable for people with diabetes, low carb diets and people with candida or other parasitic conditions.

Stevia has been used safely for centuries and has been found to cause no “spikes” in blood sugar levels, providing a nurturing effect on the body.

Stevia can be purchased at any health food store as a liquid concentrate, ideal for sweetening drinks, or a powered form which works well with hot or cold cereals.


Agave comes in the form of syrup, similar to honey except this product comes from a cactus plant found in the desert. This sweetener is excellent on pancakes, cookies and to sweeten baked goods. Found in most health food stores, if not available request the store bring it in for you and it’s very likely they will.

Rice syrup

Rice Syrup is a good sugar alternative. It can be used in various ways and has a pleasant taste.

Date Paste

Date paste is very sweet and can be added to baked goods and pancakes, waffles and cookies.

Fruit Juice Concentrates

Use Fruit Juice Concentrates to sweeten baked foods.

Barley Malt Syrup

Another healthy alternative to be used as a sweetener is Barley Malt Syrup.


Using organic varieties of Honey for sweetening drinks or use in baking makes another healthier alternative to sugar.

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