So, what's wrong with processed foods anyway?

First off, processed foods are usually manufactured with heavily refined, processed ingredients such as white flour. Refined white flour has had virtually all of its nutrition stripped away during the milling process, leaving only empty calories that have been shown to promote nutritional deficiencies and chronic diseases like colon cancer.

Virtually all processed or prepared foods, whether from a restaurant or a convenience food you prepare yourself are so over laden with salt, sugar and MSG that they could and should be termed “extreme foods”. These “extreme foods” obliterate natural taste senses with the resulting effect being an obliteration of the ability to taste the natural flavor subtleties found in foods.

This introduction begins with infants and formula, continues with candies, chocolate, pops and fast food until finally the taste of natural food is foreign, preferring instead the high flavor sensation of the sugars, salt and MSG.

We are no longer eating for our health when we eat these processed foods. We are neither nourishing our body nor feeding our brain, in fact, one theory is that by impairing the tongue's sensitivity, and by taking away the brains full spectrum of possible sensations and stimulation, we actually impair our cognitive function and learning ability.

Some other ingredients you might enjoy with your processed foods are, for coloring of foods to bring a red tint, Carmine (dead, ground up husks of female red beettles) not particularly dangerous to eat, just misleading in labeling. Would you eat yogurt, or that candy if you knew it was beetle husks that give it the strawberry coloring?

Another extremely toxic additive, added to most packaged meat products is sodium nitrate. When combined with saliva and digestive enzymes, sodium nitrite creates cancer-causing compounds known as nitrosamines. Sodium nitrate is strongly correlated with brain tumors, leukemia, and cancers of the digestive tract. Lunch meats and hot dogs are very high in sodium nitrate but you will also find this substance in other meats like bacon, pepperoni and ham, causing the nice color in the meat and extending shelf live of the meats.

Another danger of these processed foods is the hydrogenated vegetable oil which is a dangerous form of dietary fat that promotes nervous system disorders and aggressively attacks cardiovascular health in humans. This processed oil is foreign to the body and used in virtually every cracker product, cookie, margarine and most baked goods.

Take some time, look over the ingredients on the packaged foods you see in the grocery store be educated before you decide to buy.

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