It is my pleasure to introduce to people coming to this site the MyPhield Therapy Cushion.

I tested this cushion for 6 months to see how it would work.

Although I have RA well under control, I had been suffering from pain in my right foot that can only be explained as residual damage from back before I was able to get the RA under control.

Through over useage in recent years this damage appeared and it was getting to the point where again I was having to alter my life due to pain.

I was walking with a limp, but this did not stop me, I just altered the way I walked and suddenly found I had no muscles in the foot/ankle, because of the adjustments I made while walking. When I placed my foot to the ground it was more like a "flop", flat footed and I didn't flex the foot as I lifted it from the ground.

As you can imagine, over time this became a noticeable limp and I found myself saying I had a chronic pain in my foot.

Then one day I learned of the MyPhield Therapy Cushion and I was offered to try it and see for myself how it works.

I can't say that I expected this therapy cushion to work, but I knew I had to try because nothing else was working and I refuse to live in pain.

When I recieved the MyPhield Therapy Cushion and used it for the first time I was a little confused on how this could help, but I followed instructions on how to use it correctly, and gave it a fair try by using it daily, often more than once per day.

I found it very easy to use...just place the pad under my foot whenever I was sitting down, or, if I was laying down I would strap it onto my foot and turn it on.

I found that I didn't really feel much... maybe a very slight vibration.

After a week I thought my foot was feeling a little better, but I wasn't sure what was causing this, and sometimes my foot was ok, other times not.

After a month I knew this pad was doing something, I was often without pain and if I did have pain I could use the pad and the pain would go away, however I needed more proof before I could tell others about it.

Now it is over 5 months of usage and I'm amazed. My foot not only feels better but the muscles are strengthening. I can walk normal again. Even better, I can walk out in the field, on rough ground without worry that I'll hurt myself.

I'm so pleased with the results of this testing that I offer to share this experience with my readers. I consider the My Phield Pad one of the many "tools" to successfully living with RA without suffering.

Who do I believe could benefit from this therapy?

This pad is intended to repair painful joints.

Because RA is an auto immune disorder that presents with joint pain, more treatment is recommended to get the disease under control. The MyPhield Therapy Cushion is a tool that helps relieve specific joint pain.

With this in mind I believe the MyPhield Therapy Cushion is an excellent tool to help bring joints back to a pain free state after getting the disease under control.

This pad would also be very useful to people suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome or inflammation in a specific joint, osteo arthritis sufferers, car accident injuries, or any other pain that involves inflammation, scar tissue damage, or signs of arthritis.

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