The purpose of this website is to help others learn about Rheumatoid Arthritis and the ways we can help ourselves in reducing the effect of this health challenge.

Understanding that RA is an auto immune challenge, and how, what we eat, how we choose to live affect the immune system.

I hope to help change the message being given to people diagnosed with RA, that message being that the only method of treating RA is with medication, and, that there is little we can do to correct our immune system outside of the medication. .

This is the message I received, and the message I have heard from so many others. .

This is totally untrue and I am proof of that since I have lived without need of medication for 8 of the 10 years that I have lived with this disease, with the first 2 years being the most painful, frightening years of my life. .

I am not alone in this, there are many people, like myself who live with Rheumatoid Arthritis without the suffering. Often these people don’t speak out because once they have recovered they move on to other things, it is the people who remain suffering that you will most likely hear the most from in forums, on message boards, but I hope to change that in time.

This site is meant to inspire and help “fast track” recovery with the information shared here. .


I have tried many products over the years, some worked, many did not. I share with you the products that I use only to help you locate what I believe to be “quality” products that are proven, through my own experience to be beneficial.

I have considered removing the product recommendations because of people’s fear of this being the primary purpose of this site but then I remember how discouraged I was when I tried product after product that brought me little or no results.

I do not want people to think that all supplements are created equal, they are not, some don’t even contain what is listed on the label, others use such inferior quality that we are better off not taking a supplement at all.

I believe we all need a quality supplement to support, I hope, the quality food we choose to nurture our bodies with.

If you are worried that I lack credibility in recommending these products because I choose to be a distributor for the product, then I ask you not to click on the link for the product, but, do not discount the information shared, it is here for your benefit.

It has become my life purpose to help others end the suffering through knowledge, compassion and sharing all I’ve learned about the Immune System and Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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This information is not designed as or intended to be used as medical diagnosis or advice. Patients should consult their physicians about diagnosis and treatment

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