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Laughter Yoga is a powerful technique for improving health, wellness, and job performance, especially in high-stress occupations. It combines simple laughter exercises (simulated laughter) and gentle yoga breathing, which turns into real laughter when practiced in a group. Even if there is no real laughter - doing "fake laughter" exercises has been proven to have the same physical benefits as real laughter.

Enjoy the following video as an introduction to this unique exercise technique.

Introduction to Laughter Yoga with Dr. Madan Kataria

Why Laughter Yoga is excellent for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis is a challenge in many ways and we are often told of the importance of exercise to combat this disease. Laughter Yoga may be the perfect method of exercise for one wanting to get started on a path to better health.

For many of us getting into a routine of exercising daily can be a painful and challenging task.

Laughter Yoga is something that we can all achieve, regardless of limitations.

The benefits have not been clinically proven, however, when we consider some facts on laughter it seems clear that most everyone could benefit from regular use of this new fad that is sweeping across the nation.

Facts on Laughter

Pre-school children laugh or smile 300 - 400 times a day, however, that number drops to only 15 times a day by the time people reach age 35?

Laughing increases oxygen intake, thereby replenishing and invigorating cells. It also increases the pain threshold, boosts immunity and relieves stress?

13 muscles are used to smile. We use 47 muscles to frown, so statically it is easier to smile than to frown and one needs to smile nearly a quarter of a million times to make one wrinkle, so don‘t be afraid to smile.

Laughter lowers levels of cortisol in the body and cortisol is known to suppress the immune system.

You can stimulate your heart and lungs, elevate blood pressure and improve breathing capacity by laughing.

Studies in bio-feedback suggest that one’s moods can be influenced by facial expression.

15 minutes of laughter equals the benefit of 2 hours sleep.

In terms of exercise, laughing 100 times a day would be equal to doing 10 minutes of rowing exercises.

One good belly laugh can burn off 2 calories.

Laughing for 15 second adds 2 days to your life span

According to study by Dr. Michael Titze, a German Psychologist, in the 50's people used to laugh an average of 18 minutes a day. Today, that's down to 4 - 6 minutes a day. (Have you noticed an increase in auto immune challenges)

The world laughs with you: There’s now scientific proof that laughter is contagious. Researchers at University College London found that hearing laughter and other positive. sounds triggers a response in the area of the brain that’s activated when we smile.

Belly laugh: A good laugh stimulates your organs, soothes tension and tummy aches, improves your immune system, relieves pain and increases personal satisfaction, according to a Mayo Clinic advisory on stress.

Researchers found after watching an hour-long video of slapstick comedy that the "natural killer cells," which seek out and destroy malignant cells, more actively attacked tumor cells in test tubes. And these effects lasted up to 12 hours.

Other Benefits of Laughter Yoga

Some of the common problems with Rheumatoid Arthritis are exhaustion and suffering from bouts of depression.

Laughter Yoga helps to address both of these issues effectively. Without over stressing any joints, getting out and moving while enjoying the effects of laughter leaves one with more energy and lifts spirits while removing stress.

All these benefits combined lead one to feeling happier throughout the day.

I encourage you to give this a try and feel free to come back and report your results for others.

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