My Return to Health
After 2 1/2 years
of Arthritic Pain

Welcome, if I may I’d like to share with you some of my journey in my return to health. When I was challenged with Rheumatoid Arthritis I learned that it wasn’t only affecting me, but my entire family. Discovering a product that is no longer available on the market today and taking it twice a day not only removed the pain in my joints, it dramatically affected my entire family.

I am a mother of two active boys, and I always enjoyed the sometimes hectic lifestyle we have chosen, having the boys in many sports and activities. I enjoyed this so much that I often coached or participated myself, that is until one day when pain shot through my body so badly that I was unable to continue with any of my regular activities.

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis , (I call it the “almost death” sentence). As I told my children Rheumatoid Arthritis would not kill me, it will only leave me wishing I were dead each day.

The biggest challenge for me, outside of the pain, was that I didn’t fully understand my condition myself. How could I explain to my family the need to rest all the time, and not wanting company coming over anymore, I was ashamed to let anyone see me!

I was very lucky; my kids took over and helped with everything, even cleaning the house! Some things they enjoyed, like having to turn the ignition key to start the vehicle, I couldn’t do that, so the kids happily jumped in to take over. Our home was not as clean, or tidy as I would have liked but we got by and I seldom allowed myself to feel embarrassed.

The boys understood that mom couldn’t come out to their sports much anymore because I couldn’t stand for an hour, and, if I sat I couldn’t get back out of the chair when they were done. Getting help to get up was difficult because others didn't understand just how fragile I really was, to touch me caused me great pain.

On the boys birthdays I bribed them with money to NOT have a birthday party, my youngest son said to me later,” Mom please don’t ever do that again, I love my birthday party more than anything I can buy with money”. That hurt, I looked back and realized how much life had changed.

Prior to my having Rheumatoid Arthritis we had parties in our home for almost any occasion; in the summer, outside parties, in the winter we had the best kids party at Christmas, even Santa came, but suddenly that was the past. I couldn’t see where I’d ever have the energy to host parties again.

I saw my happy children including me less and less in their lives and I couldn’t do much about it. I didn’t like it, but I understood. Who would want to be around someone who was in such pain all the time and was less than pleasant most of the time?

Because of the arthritis I got to visit my family doctor once a week to receive a gold injection, I also had the pleasure of visiting the lab weekly to ensure the gold wasn’t affecting my health in a negative way.

I was told by my primary care doctor, and rheumatologist that diet and nutrition had in no way caused this disease, and wouldn't make a difference in recovery. As you read this you will come to see that I am here to tell everyone that this is not so, in fact I urge you to read below, a statement made by a Dr. Fuhrman who argues that diet and nutrition not only do make a difference, that there's scientific evidence of this claim, so why is this information being kept from us?

I took antibiotics daily, celebrex twice a day, advil in the morning if I had to do anything, and Tylenol for Arthritis if I wanted to sleep for an hour or more as well as the weekly gold injections. Later, when I quit these medications I was given methotrexate, the doctor wasn't sure that even without pain or inflammation the disease was in remission.

Along with all those meds, when the pain was so bad I couldn’t tolerate it anymore I got a cortizone shot. I loved cortizone, it was the only thing that truly made me able to get through a day without pain. I was told it would be safe taking a maximum of 7 shots in a year so I would only take a shot when there was something very special coming up that I felt I needed to attend. Sadly after 7 shots over a period of 18 months I developed problems with my hips and it appeared this was from the cortizone. Doctors don't really know what is a safe amount, or if there is such a thing.

Another obvious problem with cortizone was that it reduced my short term memory to nothing, so people just got used to me forgetting everything. Imagine if you can, receiving a phone call saying that your sons practice has been changed, because of pain in your hands you can’t write, and, because of the drugs you have to take you can’t remember. Makes for many missed appointments, (I used humor and said to people, what can you expect, it’s the blonde thing) inside it was killing me. I did learn to overcome this some because I could still type, so I started typing everything out.

All this time I read everything I could get my hands on about my disease.

I tried everything that sounded reasonable, and many things helped a little. Acupuncture helped to relieve the pain some. Sleeping in casts helped to keep my fingers from bending away from the pain and becoming crooked. Professionally made orthodics reduced the pain in my feet enough that I was able to walk on the entire foot, no longer spraining my ankles all the time.

The confusion came in finding the right nutritional products for me. When I went to the health food store I was told. if you take this you should also have this, and this needs that; I realized that unless I was a scientist I could never put together a program where my body could properly absorb the needed nutrition.

Finally I learned of a high quality nutritional program and the person distributing this product knew from experience what would help my condition most. I was happy, this nutritional program helped me cope and feel much better. In time I even quit with the antibiotics, and the over the counter drugs. Now I was only taking gold injections, and celebrex.

After one year on this program I heard about a health drink that people were claiming had the ability to do all the things that these 22 – 24 nutritional pills did and more.

I hate taking pills and only took them because they helped so much, but if there were a way not to have to swallow pills and still feel good, that would suit me much better.

I was very afraid to make a change, and even felt a little foolish trying something new because I was getting satisfactory results with the supplement I was taking, just hated the pills.

My doctor had said, although he doesn’t tell people to take a supplement, it would be crazy for me to ever stop.

The first few weeks taking the new supplement was testing time, I listened to my body and the distributor who had experience with this product to help find the correct amount for me to take.

After a month I was feeling pretty excited thinking this might work. After 3 months I was very happy. By this time I could play with my children again and I wasn’t cranky all the time. I even stopped the gold injections because I was getting a very bad reaction from them, remaining only on celebrex. More and more often I forgot to take the celebrex, so one day the Rheumatologist said to me, if you think you don’t need it then stop, I stopped.

It was suggested at that time I take methotrexate just to stop the progression of this disease. I began treatment with methotrexate then started researching the side effects and history of this drug. That's when I decided to stop taking methotrexate as well.

I’m happy to say that I have been without any medications since October of 2002 and I have had no progression of disease and live relatively pain free. I have had to work at some problems that relate to the damage caused by the RA while it was active but have found solutions that help heal the body and I try to share all of that on pages throughout this website.

I’ve been taking and sharing since April of 2002 I have taken this liquid supplement but it may not be available in the near future so I am thankful that over the years I learned about what triggers flares for me.

I would say that having the immediate results with the supplement gave me the belief that I could be well, and having hope gave me the drive to do all I could to maintain this wellness for life.

I can participate in all my old activities of riding horses, karate, gardening, dancing and playing with the kids again. I am very active again and am grateful that I didn't miss out on too many years of my childrens lives.

I would never quit taking this supplement willingly, it tastes good, it’s easy to take and most importantly, taking it twice a day gave not only me, but also my family, our lives back. Sadly at this time I'm not sure that it will be available much longer,for now it is available only to people who were auto shipping before the company merged with another company, but if it does become available I will post it here.

I have had the great pleasure of sharing with others the life changing effects of this product and I got to see other people's health challenges fade away as they did on me. That is a wonderful feeling, to help others stop suffering.

It was a long 2 ½ years in pain.

In that time I learned so much, mostly I learned that it doesn’t matter how much you plan your life, overnight something can happen that changes everything.

Take care of your health today, don’t wait until you have a health challenge, it’s easier to maintain good health than it is to fight your way back to health.

It was my pleasure to share with you my return to health. My hope is that my story will inspire you to take control of your own health and learn how food can be medication, or poison, depending on how it affects your digestive system.

Some people like to share their success, as I have and this is the place to do that.

If you have a great success story with Rheumatoid Arthritis, or any auto immune challenge I invite you to share with others.

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Joel Fuhrman, MD - Author of Eat to Live, Cholesterol Protection, and other nutritional books! at writes "Arthritis sufferers spend more than $1 billion annually on drug treatments. One million new cases are diagnosed every year, and the number is growing. Drugs and surgery are the standard treatments offered by the medical profession without attention to cause or nutrition. The Arthritis Foundation boldly declares in their literature that there is no special diet for arthritis and that food has nothing to do with causing it. Fortunately, there is solid evidence to refute this ill-informed and irresponsible opinion, including hundreds of scientific studies reported in medical journals"

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