Pain is the body’s way of telling us there is something wrong that needs to be addressed.

Have you ever known someone who suffered serious injuries yet said they didn’t feel the pain until later?

I broke my ankle this spring, very bad break and I knew without even looking that it was broken, I heard the cracks as I landed. I was able to get up, look at my foot just dangling there at the end of my leg and hop to the house. There really wasn’t much pain until help had came.

During the crisis my body did not need to signal because it was an obvious injury therefore I did not need the warning.

Even later at the hospital a friend said, you are so brave, that must hurt so much and you don’t complain. I replied, this is nothing compared to the pain I suffered everyday with Rheumatoid Arthritis so I guess I’m lucky, at least I developed a high pain tolerance.

Afterwards it hurt, not intense pain but constant. This, of course was a warning from my body, signaling that rest was necessary in order to heal correctly. The ankle became inflamed every time I over did it, again, a signal to rest.

There is a very reasonable explanation for this. Our bodies are such intrigate machines.

When I had the accident or when anyone suffers an injury where they are aware of the injury, the body does not need to send a pain signal to show something is wrong, since it is obvious. Because of this we are able to do amazing things to get ourselves the help we need. Afterwards the pain is a reminder to rest and allow the healing process to progress.

We all know of stories of people who were in a severe car crash yet this person was able to get themselves to where they get help, only to find later that they were walking on a broken leg, or worse.

There are also the athletes who during competitions suffer an injury, broken bone or sprain and they are able to complete the competition.

This is not to say these people feel no pain, but, because of the nature of the injury, since it is obvious to this person that something is wrong the pain signal is not as intense. It doesn't need to be because this person already knows of the injury.

On the other hand, if the injury is a shock to the body, say for instance a person is shot in the back, without warning, then, the pain will shoot through the body warning this person of the injury. The same happens when we fall and twist our ankle suffering a sprained joint, often the pain from a sprain is more intense than an actual brake. The brake is more obvious, the body doesn’t need the strong signal of warning.

In Rheumatoid Arthritis the first pains come on to warn us that something is going wrong, that we must address a serious issue with our health.

At this time unfortunately many people mask the pain with pain relievers, not in any way addressing the signal that the body has sent asking for help.

As this signal goes unaddressed the disease progresses causing more pain and suffering.

The only way to change this is to listen to the body’s signal and respond by trying to find what it is that our body needs to return to optimum health and a pain free state.

A review of the body’s basic needs is often overlooked. I know from personal experience that upon getting the diagnosis of RA I was given only one route of treatment as an option, prescription medication for the rest of my life. For me this was not an acceptable option, I was willing to use the medication only until I found a healthier alternative.
I have since learned of the importance of paying close attention to the pillars of health. As I improved on these my body rewarded me with a return to a pain free state.

Some things to consider are the connection between yeast and rheumatoid arthritis. Other people find a very strong connection between the body being in an acidic state (which of course it must be to host yeast) and rheumatoid arthritis. For others it could be certain foods disagree with their body, perhaps allergic to the night shade vegetables.

I urge you to review the basics of health. Are you feeding your body proper nutrition through food and supplements where needed.

Try to avoid robbing from the body by smoking or consuming caffeine.

Do you give your body proper rest?

Stress is a major factor in all disease, have you learned how to relax and give your body a break from daily stress.

Water not only carries nutrition through the body but also enables the body to rid itself of toxins.

Exercise not only keeps us fit but also helps reduce stress and often will give a feeling of well being afterwards.

Recommended reading:

An excellent resource on how to live with Rheumatoid Arthritis, without the pain and suffering. Clint Paddison, lives with RA and, like myself refused to believe that filling his body with toxic medications was the answer.

Being an expert at research he placed his focus and talents on finding a way back to health and as a result he and many others have learned to live with RA, without suffering.

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