What Alternative Treatments exist for RA Patients?

If you have read through the pages on this website you will have found that my belief is that the best hope for an active life with RA starts with you. You go and get the diagnosis then begin the journey from there. Remember to advise your physician of any alternative treatments you decide to use.

Through education, experience and your own pro active approach towards treating this health challenge you increase your chances of continuing to live an active life with less pain and suffering.

Psychological Help

You may ask how this falls into the category of alternative treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an auto immune disease. Some define disease as DIS EASE, with this in mind perhaps approaching this challenge from a psychological point of view would be a good place to start.

Often times we have problems in our lives that we don’t realize can effect our health and well being. The mind is a powerful tool, many people claim through wrong thinking we can create a disease (state of dis ease)in the body. Following through on that thought process you will see that what the mind creates, the mind can also heal.

When looking for the right person to work with I personally found that it’s important that you let your physician and others know you are seeking a psychologist who specializes in the area of healing physchology.

In addition to asking a professional for help your own continued education in the field of personal discovery and development can be very beneficial. There is a huge library of books or seminars that can help, one of my favorite books is, You Can Heal Your Own Body, by Louise L. Hayes. Palm trees, stress reduction


EFT, (Emotional Freedom Techniques) are another excellent way to address issues of stress and health challenges.

Traditional EFT was introduced to the world in the mid 1990's by the originator Gary Craig. EFT has been well recieved by doctors and therapists, as well as regular people wishing to improve their lives.

EFT is one of my all time favorite means of controlling and minimizing stress which explains why I have spent years training in EFT, learning to maximize results using this technique.

Through the years EFT has transformed into many variations of the original form because through experience with this technique people implemented strategies that created the most amazing results.

Although I originally trained in the traditional EFT, I am now a certified Energy EFT Master Practitioner/Trainer and Emo-Trance Practitioner/Trainer offering sessions through skype.


Animportant component in our fight against the pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis is daily exercise. Lack of exercise can lead to the muscles around the joints to begin to deteriorate; this in turn causes more pain to the arthritis sufferer. Staying active on a daily basis will preserve strength and joint mobility.

Any exercise program that you feel comfortable doing is fine. Generally swimming or pool exercises are the least traumatic but other low impact exercises include yoga, walking and tai chi. Another exercise program that is proving very beneficial is Palates which focuses on bringing mind and body into balance.

The correct exercise program for you is one you are comfortable doing and that you enjoy. No one wants to be forced to do something they don't enjoy so I recommend you try things out until you find what works for you, remembering this is a key to health.

Stress Reduction

Relaxation training and learning to reduce stress in your life are helpful for calming and balancing the immune system, leading to a reduction in RA symptoms.


Meditation can be useful in relaxing the mind and body giving the body rest and allowing time for the body to heal.

Short term benefits from meditation could include:


Improved Sleep,

Stress and tension reduced,

Improved sense of wellbeing,

Increased energy, vitality and stamina,

Some pain relief.

And longer term meditation might include:

Improved health,


Quicker recovery and physical healing,

Reduced illness and disease,

Improved circulation,

Long term pain relief

Mental Focus and clarity.

Yoga and Palates

Both Yoga and Palates are exercise programs that blend in a form of relaxation as well as powerful breathing techniques with exercise. These are truly exercises for the mind and body.

Spring Forest Qigong

This ancient Chinese "practice" can take away stress, pain, and sickness from your body at speeds that will amaze anyone...leaving you with more energy. To read more about Spring Forest Qigong


Acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin needles under your skin to stimulate the free flow of chi, or life force.

Used as an effective treatment in the reduction of pain from arthritis, this treatment is quickly becoming almost traditional with many doctors now combining Eastern and Western medicine.

Digestive System Support

Poor digestion leads to an accumulation of undigested materials leaking through the gut into the bloodstream. This may be a contributing factor in the development of RA. These materials that have leaked from the gut may deposit into the joints causing joint inflammation.

An effective detoxification of the organs may be necessary to return your digestive system and colon to working more efficiently. Returning to whole, natural foods can help support a strong digestive system.

Weight Management

With the reduction of activity caused by the pains associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis comes the challenge of maintaining a proper weight. Excess weight causes undo stress on joints leading to worsening of pain.

In all my years of looking at diets I've never felt there was a diet that suited every person, as we are all unique in our needs. However, there is a diet that makes sense to me and it's called The Plan by Lyn Genet.

I like this diet because it helps one learn about food intollerances well also learning the shed unwanted weight, therefore I believe this diet will lead to healthy weight loss and it certainly helped me to understand the weight fluctuations I was experiencing. I have included a link below under recommended reading.

Anyone Can Learn Personal Growth and Healing.

The only things that can truly stop you are your own thoughts and emotions!

Likewise, the only things that can launch you into doing, being and having anything you want in life are also your thoughts and emotions.

We can use our thoughts and emotions to help us find a way back to optimum health.

Recommended Reading:

The Plan: Eliminate the Surprising "Healthy" Foods That Are Making You Fat--and Lose Weight Fast

A program for Rheumatoid Arthritis written by Clint Paddison, who suffers from RA but has learned how to live with RA, without the suffering.

I highly recommend this program, in fact I was going to write a book myself but found this and felt it offered the same information I would have shared. I offer a bonus to anyone purchasing this book. Purchase The Padison Program for RA through this link and as a bonus I will offer 1 EFT session through skype, a $50.00 value.

Coping Strategies

Healing Foods


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