There are more than 400 substances in alcoholic beverages beside ethanol, some of these are linked to cancer, and the alcohol industry is not required to disclose these substances, or to alert the public of the risks.

Alcohol’s interaction with arthritis medication is harmful to one’s health, depending on the medication anything from increased damage to the liver to reactive skin disorders making the combination deadly.

Besides being high in calories, alcohol also depletes the body of vitamins and minerals.

"Joint Venture: Maintaining Healthy Joints as We Age." Anything the body perceives as an 'offending substance,' such as alcohol and cigarette smoke, may activate the inflammatory process and make the condition more persistent. {Jeffrey S. Bland, President of Healthcomm, Inc., in Gig Harbor, Washington, in Delicious! magazine - May/June 1992}

Jason Theodosakis, MD, in his book “Arthritis Cure,” says not to use alcohol while taking NSAIDS because of the risk of stomach problems.

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